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    The Many Names Of Henna…

    Scientific Name Preferred Scientific Name: Lawsonia Inermis L

    Other Scientific Names
    Lawsonia alba Lam. (no longer recognised as the scientific name)

    Trade Name

    Most Popular Common Names
    Arab World; Henna, Henne, Hine, Hina, Hene, Heni
    Pakistan, India & Bangladesh; Mendhi, Mehndi, Mehendi

    Some Lesser Known Common Names
    Burmese; Dan
    Creole; Ene, Flè Jalouzi
    English; Camphire, Egyptian Privet, Mignonette, Zanzibar Bark
    Filipino; Cinamomo
    French; Henné, Jalousie, Réséda de France
    Indonesian; Inai, Pacar Kuku
    Javanese; Pacar Kuku
    Kashmir; Mohuz
    Khmer; Krâpéén
    Lao (Sino-Tibetan); Kaaw
    Malay; Inai, Pacar Kuku
    Sanskrit; Mendika, Ragangi, Raktgarbha
    Somali; Erip
    Spanish; Resedá
    Swahili; Mheni, Mhina, Mkokoa, Mkokoa Muhina, Muina
    Tamil; Marithondi, Maruthani
    Thai; Thian Daeng, Thian Khaao, Thian King
    Tigrigna; Elam
    Vietnamese; Lâ Mòn, Nhuôm Móng Tay

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