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    ‘Easy Mix’ Fresh Henna Ingredients

    We can only state ingredient listings for our henna products that are ‘ready to use’, where you need add nothing else to the product.

    HennaTattoos.com, 'Easy Mix' Fresh

    Henna Products Ingredients:

    • Henna – 100% Natural Henna Powder
    • Catalyst – Aqua, Citric Acid, Cloves, Tea, Preservatives (E233, E212)
    • Pre Application Oil – Mehlabiya

    Our Easy Mix, Fresh Henna kits contain everything that you need. You simply heat up the liquid catalyst sachet and then pour the contents into the pre-filled henna cone, manipulate the cone to mix the henna paste and then leave it to activate for 4-6 hours before use. The catalyst does not contain any essential oils, so this mix is perfedtly safe to use on children, pregnant women and even people with sensitive skin. While working on pregnant women, children and people with sensitive skin do not apply the pre application oil, Mehlabiya (it is advisable to avoid all oils on pregnant women). Always have your ingredients list available for your clients to read, and take time to discus the ingredients with anyone who is concerned about the product that you are using.

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