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    Step-By-Step Henna Application ~ ‘Easy Mix’ Henna Product Range

    Using HennaTattoos.com Easy Mix Products ~ No Mess, No fuss, No Waste!

    ‘Easy Mix’ Henna Product Application - Step 1Step 1

    Apply a light and even coating of mehlabiya oil to the skin, covering the total area for the Henna Tattoo. Mehlabiya oil is traditionally used as a pre-henna application oil in The Middle East and North Africa, it makes the skin really smooth to work on, and has beneficial effects on the final colour result of the henna stain. It will also make a great contact for your transfer outline to adhere to,

    ‘Easy Mix’ Henna Product Application - Step 2 Step 2

    Firmly press your transfer face down against the skin, taking care not to smear it on the skin as you go. Once in place gently tap it to make sure that all of the carbon design has transfered onto the skin. Have a peek under one corner of the transfer paper to check whether your transfer has printed properly. Once satisfied, carefully peel it away to avoid smudging the transfer print as you go.

    ‘Easy Mix’ Henna Product Application - Step 3

    Step 3

    Squeeze the application cone gently, to release the henna paste, as you draw on the skin. Try to start at the top left hand side of the design (vice-versa if you are left-handed) to avoid smudging the henna paste as you work. Follow the transfer outline and fill in any solid areas as you go; don't finish the outline first and then start over to 'fill in' as this will make it very difficult to avoid smudges as you work.

    ‘Easy Mix’ Henna Product Application - Step 4

    Step 4

    Leave the henna paste on the skin for 2 hours to ensure that a good rich henna colour develops. Some of the henna paste may start to fall off, if it falls off by itself it will be fine, as it will only do so when it is fully dry. If you pick it off early, then your final colour won't develop properly. After 2 hours you can brush away the remaining dry henna, revealing an orange colour. Don't get it wet for 12 hours…

    ‘Easy Mix’ Henna Product Application - Step 5Step 5

    Over the next 2 days your Henna Tattoo will gradually develop into a beautiful ‘Burgundy-Brown’ colour. The final shade differs from person to person & according to the initial aftercare procedures. But if you leave your henna on to dry naturally for 2 hours, and then avoid contact with water for the next 12 hours, you will get the darkest henna colour possible with the Easy Mix henna product range.

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