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    Step-By-Step Henna Preparation ~ ‘Easy Mix’ Henna Product Range

    ‘Easy Mix’ Henna Product Preparation - Step 3 Using HennaTattoos.com Easy Mix Products ~ No Mess, No fuss, No Waste!

    We only supply fresh henna products, either in kit formats, or in separate ingredient formats. All of the different henna kits we stock contain only the finest ingredients for preparing high quality freshly mixed henna paste. The system is very easy to use, ensuring reliable & consistent results every time ~ with absolutely No Mess, No Fuss & No Waste! See the step-by-step instructions below for preparing fresh henna paste in no time! Perfect for Salon Use, this fast and waste free henna preparation system is as far removed as you could imagine from the problems and timescales usually associated with preparing fresh henna paste. And of course, it is totally reliable, giving you consistent results (and costs) every time.

    Preparing Easy Mix Henna Paste

    ‘Easy Mix’ Henna Product Preparation - Step 1 Step 1
    Boil some water in a kettle, and then carefully pour the 'just boiled' water into a heat resistant container, (a mug for example) only half filling it. Place the unopened catalyst sachet into the mug of very hot water for a few minutes to heat it through thouroughly. Remove it carefully and turn it over a few times to ensure it is well mixed.

    ‘Easy Mix’ Henna Product Preparation - Step 2 Step 2
    Make sure the sticker is still securing the tip of the cone, keeping the henna powder out of the tip, ready for mixing with the hot catalyst solution (dry powder in the tip is very hard to mix into the paste and results in blocking the tip.) Then cut open the catalyst sachet & carefully pour hot contents into the henna cone. Then cut open the wide end of the henna cone ready to pour in the hot catalyst solution.

    ‘Easy Mix’ Henna Product Preparation - Step 3 Step 3
    Gently manipulate the henna cone, mixing the henna powder & catalyst solution together for 2-3 minutes. Taking care to 'smooth out' any lumps of henna powder and to 'work in' any remaining liquid. When you are happy with the smooth consistency of the henna paste, remove the sticker and move the product up and down the cone for its final mix. Leave to stand for 4-6 hours before use.

    ‘Easy Mix’ Henna Product Preparation - Step 4Step 4
    Cut the tip of the henna cone very close to the end, a small hole makes fine line work possible. If you prefer to work with a thicker line, then just cut a little more off the tip of the cone. Then gently squeeze the henna paste towards the tip of the cone, and use a rubber-band to seal up the wide open end of the cone. You can also use various tapes or a heat sealer to seal the back of the cone if you prefer.

    This freshly prepared henna paste will give you beautiful consistant results for 3 full days from preparation. You can prolong the life of your henna paste by refrigerating it in between use, make sure that it is at room temperature before you use it, for client comfort.

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