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    The Colouring Process

    • The active ingredient ‘Lawsone’ that occurs naturally in the leaves of the Henna Plant is preserved naturally within the dried henna powder.
    • The dye begins to work when the Henna Powder is activated by a catalyst, the key component being hot water. Other ingredients have been found to improve ‘hot water’ as a catalyst, such as tea, lemon juice, cloves, essential oils etc.
    • Once the Henna Paste comes into contact with your skin (or other materials) the dye starts to work and begins to stain the skin.
    • The Henna Paste needs to stay on the skin for 2 hours to make sure the skin takes on a good colour.
    • After 2 hours you can remove the Henna paste by brushing it off, you will see an orange coloured design underneath on your skin. You must not wash it or get it wet at this stage, or it will prevent full colour development during the oxidization process.

    Of course, you can achieve lighter shades by choice by actively choosing the ‘wet’ your freshly revealed henna design.

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