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    The Developing Process

    • The innitial henna staining takes place during the time that the skin is in contact with the wet henna paste. Where the colour achieved is usually a bright orange shade.
    • However, the majority of the colour appears, as if by magic, after the henna paste has dried out and been removed.
    • This development process is due to oxidisation. As the air gets to make contact with the freshly hennaed skin it affects the chemistry of the henna in the epidermal skin. Basically repeating the initial ‘staining’ process an undetermined but finite number of times, actually stopping the process when it reaches its maximum oxidisation (12hours – 48hours)
    • During this development process the colour of the henna stain moves through shades of bright orange > deep orange > light brown > reddish brown > dark brown.
    • Individual skin types dictates the specific development time, some people’s Henna Tattoos reach their best colour in the first 12 hours, whilst others can take up to the full 2 days.
    • It is extremely important to keep your Henna Tattoo dry during the first 12 hours of colour development. If it gets wet during this time it completely stops the colour development.

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