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    The Fading Process

    • Natural Henna Body Art products contain a natural permanent dye, Lawsone. Henna Tattoos only appear to fade away because the skin itself is infact temporary; and so the body naturally regenerates its epidermis (the upper layer of skin) where the Henna Tattoo has been applied.
    • As the body sheds its dead skin cells naturally, the henna stained epidermal cells are shed and replaced with new skin cells that have not been stained with henna. Hence the Henna Tattoo will begin to gradually fade away, until it has completely disappeared.
    • On average a Henna Tattoo generally lasts between 10-15 days, it can sometimes take a further 7 days to completely disappear.
    • The specific fading timescale for a Henna Tattoo is dependent upon the area of your body where it is applied, as well as your skin type and lifestyle at the time.
    • As a general rule, Henna Tattoos on the face and neck fade away within 1 week because the epidermis is thinner, continuously exposed to the elements and washed and dried more frequently than other areas of the body. Whereas Henna Tattoos on the arms tend to last for around 2 weeks, because the epidermis is thicker, and more protected from the elements etc…
    • Your lifestyle also effects the fading time of your Henna Tattoo. If you are in and out of swimming pools, saunas & hot tubs etc… you will encourage your body to regenerate its skin at an accelerated rate, hence shortening the lifespan of your Henna Tattoo.

    If you want to speed up the fading out time of your henna tattoos, then you can exfoliate your skin to encourage cell regeneration. Don't over do it though, your skin needs to be loved and nurtured.

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