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    Henna Aftercare Instructions

    These Simple Aftercare Instructions Will Prolong Your Henna Body Art.
    Now that you’ve got a beautiful Henna Tattoo, it’s very important to look after it well to get the best possible results. Your Henna Design will be part of your skin for the next few weeks, so treat it gently with respect and it will look great and last for as long as it possibly can.

    • Do not pick your henna paste off early.
    • Do not get it wet during the first 12 hours or it will halt its colour development… and stay orange.
    • Avoid strong sun when the henna design is still developing (i.e. cover it up)
    • Avoid contact with bleaching chemicals such as household cleaning fluids, and chlorinated water in swimming pools.
    • Avoid saunas and steam rooms and these actively encourage your skins natural regeneration cycle
    • Avoid contact with abrasives such as exfoliating products etc…
    • When showering/bathing do not scrub your skin, just wash it gently with mild soap.
    • After showering/bathing do not rub your skin dry, pat it gently with a towel instead.

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